The front door at Camellia Cottage has an Evva Airkey digital lock and is operated by a smartphone (Android or iOS).

The digital key will be sent via text message (SMS) to the mobile number of your lead booking person prior to your arrival. Click the link in the SMS to update your key. If the App is not installed it will take you to the download in your App store.


The digital key is programmed to work from your allocated check-in time (usually 5pm) until check-out time (usually 10am). The digital key will not work outside of these times. Please check with your booking agent should you have agreed earlier arrival or later departure times.

Additional digital keys are available for a small charge. Please contact your booking agent to arrange.

At no point do you need to touch the lock with your mobile phone as it operates over Bluetooth which has a range of several metres.

Whilst this a digital lock, it is not automatic lock and therefore will not physically unlock itself. You will still need to turn the handle to lock\unlock.

App Installation

Manual links to download the app can be found below. When installing the app be sure to ALLOW Bluetooth and Notifications for ease of use. Once downloaded input your mobile telephone (the one supplied during your booking) in the international format such as +447xxxxxxxxx to register and link the key. 


Lock\Unlock Procedure

Once you arrive at the property, to unlock the door simply tap the black handle to wake it (a blue LED will flash around the edge).


Assuming you have allowed App Notifications during the installation it will pop up on phone screen prompting to unlock the door. If you did not allow notifications when installing the App, open Airkey on your smartphone and the lock will appear. Tap on Front Door.

A yellow unlock screen will appear. The lock will activate within a couple of seconds and the LED will flash green around the edge. The lock is not automated so turn the handle anti-clockwise within 5 seconds to unlock the door. Repeat this process turning the handle clockwise to lock the door.


After approximately 5 seconds the LED on the lock will flash red around the edge to confirm it is now going to sleep. If you run out of time, simply tap the black handle to wake it and repeat the steps above to lock\unlock as required.

When unlocking the door, the traditional aluminium knob below will need to be turned to the left to release the latch to physically open the door.

Whilst in the house, although Lymington is a very safe area we suggest locking the door from the inside to maintain security.


If you see a screen similar to the below, the lock is either a sleep and needs to be tapped to be woken up, or you never allowed Bluetooth connections when installing the App. In this case, go into your phone settings to enable bluetooth or delete and reinstall the App so it prompts you again.